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About Get Set 4 Swimming


Get Set 4 Success was founded in 2008 when Dr. Julie Bradshaw MBE combined all her skills to enable others to follow their dreams and expand upon their potential in Sport, Swimming, Education, Business and Therapy.  In July 2013, Get Set 4 Success became a Limited Company. Get Set 4 Swimming is part of Julie’s Company.



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Swim Times Article: Three Lakes Swim Cumbria

Ever thought about swimming the biggest three lakes in Cumbria? Recently Duane Newton did this in 2016 and brought back the happy memories when it was last swam in 1981. Dr. Julie Bradshaw MBE, who was given the name 'Lady of the Lakes' for all her swim record achievements in Cumbria in the 1980s still holds the record for the Three Lakes Swim (Ullswater, Windermere and Coniston)

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Glenn Tinsley's Charity Windermere Swim September 2016

Get Set 4 Swimming is delighted to have coached yet another swimmer to success. Glenn Tinsley undertook swim coaching with Julie and has been training with her for nearly two years now. From humble beginnings, Glenn was able to build upon the skills taught and improve his swimming. He has now been deservedly so, given a lovely letter from the Make a Wish Charity showing the funds he has raised.

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Specialist Butterfly Open Water Swim weekend at Fritton Lakes

Dr. Julie Bradshaw, Butterfly Open Water Swim specialist has recently held one of her ‘fly’ swim training camps/sessions at Fritton Lakes, in Norfolk.

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