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About Get Set 4 Swimming


Get Set 4 Success was founded in 2008 when Dr. Julie Bradshaw MBE combined all her skills to enable others to follow their dreams and expand upon their potential in Sport, Swimming, Education, Business and Therapy.  In July 2013, Get Set 4 Success became a Limited Company. Get Set 4 Swimming is part of Julie’s Company.



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Latest from the Blog

Specialist Butterfly Open Water Swim weekend at Fritton Lakes

Dr. Julie Bradshaw, Butterfly Open Water Swim specialist has recently held one of her ‘fly’ swim training camps/sessions at Fritton Lakes, in Norfolk.

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NOWCA Featured Swimming Coach

Dr. Julie Bradshaw MBE of Get Set 4 Success Ltd, has this month been featured in this month's NOWCA newsletter. Julie, who holds many World Records for Open Water, Long Distance and Channel swimming has coached swimmers to success for over 36 years. Still swimming now, Julie is passionate about enabling swimmers to expand their potential and in August is delighted to be in Norfolk, Fritton Lakes where she will be running a motivational open water swimming weekend including demonstrations of Butterfly, the stroke she both swam the English Channel and Manhattan Island solo

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Time Outdoors Open Water Swimming

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